Antonio Zizi Capalbio

antonio zizi capalbio
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Antonio Zizi Capalbio


I was born on April 25th 1964 in the island of Sardinia, but since I was a child I have been living in the area of Capalbio.

While growing up in Tuscany, I had the opportunity of developing several job experiences ranging from sheep-farming to land-farming and agriculture which allowed me to develop my current activity.
My current activity includes a wide choice of different consultancy services in the agricultural, the tourist and the real estate sectors.

The real estate company that I own - named V & V - offers intermediary consultancy services as well as earth-moving works, gardening creation, improvement and maintenance services as well as farming facilities/equipments and assistance.

Upon request, I can provide my customers complete turn-key projects that go from the purchase/renting of an estate, to farmhouse building, renovation and maintenance, thus making it your own "Paradise in Tuscany".


Antonio Zizi Capalbio

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